What is the KonMari Method®?

The KonMari Method® is a decluttering and organising technique developed by Marie Kondo, a Japanese organising consultant and author. Marie Kondo's book, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up," introduced this method to the world.

The KonMari Method® encourages individuals to tidy their homes by category rather than by location and emphasizes the importance of keeping only the items that truly spark joy. The Method® consists of the following key principles: Commitment, Tidying by Category, Spark Joy, Discard First, Organise by Category, Gratitude.

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    Certified KonMari Consultant

    • Trained by Marie Kondo, she completed her certification in 2019.
    • She is one of 700+ Certified KonMari Consultants worldwide and has worked with numerous clients.


When you work with Shanley and the KonMari Method ® sessions include:

Planning, decluttering, organising, maintenance strategies, donation drops, product recommendations, and 30-day follow-up email support.

Travel outside of Tauranga, Central Auckland and Hamilton is available for Sorting sessions. Travel and accommodation costs can be advised on a per job basis.

Virtual sessions are also available. If we have a local Professional Organiser in your area, Shanley can run these sessions virtually with them and yourself.  

12 Months Access | Suitable For Phone, Tablet, or Computer


"Very clear instructions. I liked that I could click on blog subjects and learn, if decanting my pantry was ideal for me. It had all the information I needed. Just the right amount of info. I could give my 11 year old these instructions, and they were detailed enough, that he could follow and understand what to do. "  

"Loved the pro tips! They were helpful and made the experience feel more supported/personal. I thought the process was well explained and laid out."    

"Easy to follow the step by step instructions on the order to complete tasks in each space."