Decluttering and Organising services

KITCHEN  Sort My House can declutter and organise your kitchen by sorting through the pantry and discarding your expired/outdated food goods, finding better storage systems for your pots and pans, or reclaiming your bench top.

LIVING AREAS  We can help declutter and organise these spaces so they become a place to entertain and relax.

BEDROOMS  It could be sorting the linen cupboard, decluttering and returning children's toys to their right homes, or organising your wardrobe- the bedrooms should be a sanctuary where you can find a calm space and Sort My House can help you achieve this. 

SOURCING SUITABLE STORAGE  Sort My House knows home storage solutions, we can purchase on your behalf and organise your items into easy to access areas. 

SELLING YOUR HOUSE  Before the professional photo's are taken or the professional home staging company arrives Sort My House can help declutter your home and organise some of the 'stuff' making your home more appealing to potential buyers. 

MOVING HOUSE  Sort My House will work with you to declutter your home before you move. Once you are in your new home we really fire into action, unpacking and putting your things away in an organised manner. 

RE SORT Sort My House offers maintenance sessions to help you stay on top of the Sorting that we have done. Maintenance sessions start at $225 per session.

THE KONMARI METHOD® To work with our Certified KonMari Consultant, please click here.

SORT MY OFFICE  For an office move, or just a spring clean. Sort My House can come and help you have a clear out or get rid of any items you don't want to move, leaving your staff to do what they are best at.