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DIY Action Plan Session

On site or digital session tailoring a personalised decluttering and organisation action plan for your home. This session will include how to declutter, recommended storage solutions/products and tips for maximising your space. We will follow up with your action plan in writing once we are finished and will include product recommendations and links if any are needed. 
1hr session onsite/digital. Digital Session can be broken down into 2 sessions.

Sort it Session

Declutter and organise. These sessions are ideal for medium to bigger area's such as the kitchen, master bedroom including the wardrobe, and the garage. 
5hr practical session
Auckland $295.00
Hamilton/Tauranga $245.00

Mini Session

Declutter and organise. Ideal for smaller spaces such as the pantry, linen closet, bookshelves and kids bedrooms. 
3hr practical session

Auckland $175.00
Hamilton/Tauranga $150.00

Additional Hours

Any additional hours will be invoiced at $60 per hour for Auckland and $50 per hour for Hamilton/Tauranga. Additional hours can be used for check in's to keep you on track after your practical sessions.

Minimum booking for a practical session is 3 hours. If the session is shorter than 3hrs you will still be charged the full session price. 




All practical sessions will include Sort My House removing the 'donate' pile (where feasible) and taking these to your charity of choice. 



Out of Tauranga/Auckland/Hamilton Bookings

Sort My House has slightly different pricing for locations out of Tauranga/Auckland/Hamilton, please get in touch directly for more information. 



Free Consultations!!!

Not sure which package is best suited for you and your home? Call us and we can pop round to discuss your options in person. 



How long does it take?

Times can vary as we don't always know what's hiding in that cupboard but the times below are a good guideline to work from:

Pantry (no decanting or labelling) - 3hrs
Kitchen including pantry (no decanting or labelling) - 6 hours
Linen Cupboard- 3hrs
Wardrobe (no file folding)- 3-4hrs
Wardrobe (file folding)- 6hrs
Kids room- 3hrs
Kids room including their wardrobe- 6hrs
Laundry- 3hrs
Bathroom- 3hrs
Garage- 6hrs minimum

Gift vouchers

Have someone that would love a little clear space, clear mind decluttering session? Sort My House is a popular gift choice for someone who lives a busy life who cherishes their personal space but doesn’t have the time to organise it.