"Thanks for everything. The house feels amazing. Getting you to unpack and organise us into the new house was the best investment. What a great service"
Catherine T, Auckland


“I couldn’t recommend Angela from Sort My House more - 3.5 hours and have sorted so much stuff!”
Anna Reeve, Auckland and Tauranga


"Sort My House has been life changing.. actually!! I am someone that functions so much better in every area of my life knowing the smaller details are organised. I didn't realize how much of a mental toll this took on me having my pantry & hallway cupboards cluttered. I never knew the best way to go about tackling these jobs so having someone there to work through the process with me and helping me achieve the greatest results was incredible. I couldn't recommend Angela enough & I will keep using her in the future!"
Carmen Lett, Tauranga


"I know I said thanks yesterday, but just wanted to reiterate that today.  With Dad feeling overwhelmed and not overly looking forward to leaving his existing place, all that lifted significantly when he walked into his apartment yesterday.  What was done by your team was amazing.  You managed to move his home, and create the feeling of a home that had life as soon as we walked in.  You captured Mum in there too which was largely why Dad felt so comfortable which was probably the most significant thing that has influenced Dad with this move.  It was beyond what he expected.  It was beyond mine.

I know it’s all part of the service, and clearly you and Anna have plenty of experience here.  Moving a house and boxes of things is easy in parts, but you moved a ‘home’ which included that ‘home feeling’ that ones individual items is only a part of."
Gareth, Hamilton


"My daughter's room looks amazing and the sense of calm I feel when I go in there now, knowing it's all sorted and I no longer need to worry about it."
Faye, Tauranga


"You ladies rock! Appreciate all your help and for helping me get some form of normality in my life! I love the kitchen, especially those lazy Susan’s and the spice jars 👌👌"
Bonnie, Auckland


"So grateful to have one corner of my life sorted! I would never have made it through that job on my own, you all were just amazing! Thank you."
Kirsten, Auckland


"I cannot say enough good things about the Sort My House crew. We have been living with too much stuff for years and it was causing a lot of stress in the house. I felt completely ground down by it all and didn't know where to start. As we were moving and looking to buy a new house we decided it was time to have a good clear out. We bit the bullet and got the team to come in and help sort our house. The team were excellent, and worked extremely hard. They went through our stuff with each family member including the kids ! We all got rid of so much and that has been very freeing. After getting rid of so much they put their expertise to organisation solutions. The knowledge they have around ergonomics, productivity and domestic organisation has left me speechless. They have helped us cut down on the number of domestic tasks, how to organise a kitchen that stays organised, and now I can actually find something when I need it. We also decided to buy a smaller house as we don't need such a big one for all of our useless stuff! This means less bills, less work and more fun. This is without doubt the best money I have spent in terms of improving the quality of our lives. Don't hesitate to book them, you wont regret it."
Helen, Auckland


"Thank you so much... got my few extra bits today & finished it all. Feel SO MUCH BETTER thank you!"
Mimi Gilmour, Auckland


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are truly a super star!!! Love, love, love what you do. You have got me inspired and now I need to sort the rest of my house. Truly grateful."
Kirsten R, Tauranga


"Sort My House was amazing, I couldn't have done it alone... super professional and kept me informed every step of the way. I can not recommend Sort My House enough"
Donna, Tauranga


"Let me share my journey with you... I found Angela SORT MY HOUSE online... I liked what she said... and decided to ring her... The prices were reasonable and she sounded nice... and I decided to meet her... She arrived to view... I had shifted from a larger home to a 2 bdrm... single garage one... and my garage was full of packing boxes which were full of my "STUFF"...

It was overwhelming... I had tried to empty them but got caught up in the "stuff"  Angela was very patient... but decisive... not bossy which was a concern prior to hiring her... She understood the emotional toll of doing this... it was my previous life so some "stuff" had a story...

I could only undertake 2-3 hrs to begin with..and felt like a rung out dish cloth at the end of some sessions.. but gradually the boxes disappeared ...and I could see the effect it had on me mentally and inside... all the angst cleared... there were some days I wondered if she had a spell... lol

She was fast...competent...and when I saw her magic in my pantry..kitchen cupboards and my hutch dresser... I felt in awe... Then the day came that she said to me... WE HAVE FINISHED THE DECLUTTER... I await my gold star...

Still some organising to do... but then the hand of fate decided I shift again... I was devastated... But it has been so easy to pack up this time..so much less stuff...all in the right place..

I am planning to hire Angela again when I unpack...as I am sure she can tweak my placements... I truly know I never would have done this without her..
Trisha Cameron...Tauranga


“Thanks so much for yesterday. You are amazing! Will be in touch to get you back.” 
Renee, Tauranga