Why Organised Spaces Are Better For Your Brain

Why Organised Spaces Are Better For Your Brain

You know how good your home feels when all the housework is done and everything’s in its place? There’s a reason for that!

Put simply, an organised space sends signals of safety to your nervous system.


Clutter represents decisions that need to be made. Along with disorganisation it overloads and overstimulates your brain. It can lead to you feeling distracted, anxious, stressed, and to raised levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Organised spaces on the other hand have been found by researchers to improve focus and productivity, and make it easier for the brain to process information.

Hello to having space for clear thoughts!


So how do you move from cluttered and stressed to clear and calm? The fastest way of course is to call in the experts and have Professional Organisers like Sort My House declutter and organise your space for you. This helps quickly clear away belongings that have lost their use/appeal/sense of joy, and organise what’s left into efficient, functional systems.

Once effective systems are in place the best way to maintain them is to do small amounts often. As discussed in our recent blog, daily routines for high use areas like kitchens and bathrooms go a long way to creating a sense of calm.

It’s surprising what can be achieved with the mindset of clearing up as you go and regular 10 minute bursts! Doing the dishes and clearing the benches each evening ensures you go to bed with a clearer mind and wake up to a clean space to face the day ahead.

“Outer order contributes to inner calm.” Gretchen Rubin

Another helpful strategy is to plan ahead, scheduling spring cleaning and organising sessions before and or after busy times to maintain and reset spaces. For example, clearing kids’ outgrown clothes and toys prior to the holidays can be a great way to prevent getting over cluttered through the Christmas period when new items arrive in the form of presents.

Similarly, sessions at the end of summer or winter can be wonderful to reset wardrobes and living spaces for the season ahead. Most important is whatever plan supports you and your family in having the time and space to focus on doing the things that make your lives truly richer.

Whenever you choose to do it the benefits of organising are unmistakable - clear space, clear mind.

As always, Happy Sorting,

Angela and The Sort My House Team xx

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