WAIT!!- You can donate that!

WAIT!!- You can donate that!

We as Kiwis love to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We are conscious of the environment and the ability to reuse or repurpose items. Whether that is bringing your own bags to the supermarket, taking a reusable mug to your favourite coffee shop or holding onto something to see if we can find another use for it down the track.

With that being said, we tend to keep items which no longer serve us purpose. Items that have been given to us many years ago and we have difficulty letting them go because we feel bad about throwing it out. We also tend to hold onto items “in case” we need it or “in case” we can repurpose it in some way, shape or form. We put it into a box, forget about it. These can be the things build up over time and eventually you have a house of stuff you don't use.  

If you think this sounds like something you have done or are struggling letting some items in your home go as you don’t want to be wasteful – why not think about donating them?

By donating, you are not only decluttering your home and creating your own sense of calm, you are giving another person or family the ability to use and enjoy these items. Think of it as re-homing to a worthy cause, donating it to someone in need, passing on for someone else to get as much fulfillment out of the item as you once did.

It may actually surprise you the items you can donate. In most cases it can be nearly anything! When making your piles for the charity shop consider these points

The *majority of our local charity stores accept quality clothing, furniture and homeware. - “Quality goods at a reasonable price for families on a tight budget or the profits from goods sold that help us provide community support your generosity makes a difference” – Society of St Vincent De Paul (Vinnies BOP)

Some items you might not consider but can be repurposed:

  • Old sheets, with holes and rips - These can be turned into rags - used for automotive, industrial and manufacturing environments.
  • Towels, blankets, duvets that have seen better days - Local animal shelters would love these for the animals to keep them nice and cozy.

*It’s always best to check with your charity shop before heading over with a car full for what they are accepting, some do have guidelines

Sort My House work very closely and support many local charity stores. What better way to let go of an item than to know it will benefit someone else, recycle and help within your local community. 

And if you are ever needing a little motivation, or direction when you are getting Sorted, our team of Professional Organisers is always here to help. 

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