What is a Professional Organiser?

What is a Professional Organiser?

What is a Professional Organiser?

The Professional Organising Industry has been gaining popularity in recent years with NetFlix shows featuring Professional Organisers like Marie Kondo and The Home Edit. Sparking Joy or creating a ROYGBIV bookcase are just a couple of reasons these shows are keenly watched. But what exactly is a Professional Organiser (P.O) and what does the service we provide encompass.

A Professional Organiser simply put (and we like simple) is someone who organises and declutters spaces as their job. It’s service to help clear the clutter, then install functional and effective systems so going forwards there is efficiency in day to day living.

Sometime’s it looks like spring cleaning on steroids where a space in your home gets blitzed, other times it’s gently working together with someone going through years of household goods that have been collected over time. In essence it’s specific to the client and their needs.

A Professsional Organiser helps with the physical aspect of sorting through peoples belongings. Each and every session is tailored to the client and what they want to achieve by investing in having a P.O work in their home.

There is a basic 3 step method that Sort My House follows. It’s a simple method which holds several variables depending on the space, the client and the goal of the session.

  • Take everything out.
  • Decide what is to be kept, donated, or thrown away
  • Put everything back in.

Of course it looks easier than it can be in actuality which is why hiring a Professional Organiser is a service that so many people are turning to.

Whilst being gentle and discreet a P.O is also decisive, supportive and motivating. They are able to hold clients accountable, and by allocating a time ( by booking one of our sessions) it ensures that the organising and decluttering is being carried out.  

A session is tailored not only to the space that is being Sorted but also to the habits and lifestyle of the client that uses that space. A P.O will never be pushy, and will never ever force a client to let go of something they are not ready to let go of. We feel this  is counter productive and at Sort My House we understand how emotionally attached people can be to material items.  

Another advantage of having a P.O organise your space is the vast experience they have in working in numerous spaces and with a variety of products. This means they have seen it all and can offer solutions for almost any space.

 Sort My House Professional Organisers have worked in over 300 (dated 15 April 2020) homes through out NZ and through trial and error we have tested products in different scenarios. A P.O will be knowledgeable on available product that will enhance the functionality of the space and where items will ‘live’ in that space.

The core of what a P.O does is help others. Sort My House was started with an empathetic drive to help busy working people, and those overwhelmed by the spaces they live in. All our P.O’s are passionate about helping people through simplifying their lives and creating order.

We love turning your overwhelm into calm, chaos in to order and giving our clients time to do the things they really love.

If you or someone you know is thinking about hiring a P.O then please contact us for a free confidential chat about how we can help you. 

We look forward to helping you get Sorted. 

Angela and the Sort My House Team. 

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