Labels Labels Labels

Labels Labels Labels

At Sort My House we love labels so much we practically label anything that doesn’t move! 

We know we go on about labels but we truly value their worth. Here are just a few reasons we love to label

  • By putting a label on a basket, drawer or container you can easily see what is held within. We aren’t keen on getting the sugar mixed with the salt
  • When we label spaces likes kids toys area’s it allows them to be able to know where to put things away again
  • In the garage labelling containers means that you can at a glance know what is in the storage bin and this means you won’t have to necessarily pull the container down and open it.
  • Labelling is especially useful for medicines and first aid items when you might be in a rush to get what you need.

My kids aged 7yrs and 10yrs love helping with the labelling too. They happily put labels on their lunch boxes, school bags and sports bags. The inside of their drawers are labelled so that when they put their clothes away they know where to put them. This also helps when other people helping in the house (grandies) put things away as well.

Here are some spaces we think that couldn’t do with out a label.

Linen Cupboards

King Sheets, Queen Sheets, Flat Sheets, Fitted Sheets, these are a right pain when you don’t know which is which and something that we have discovered in our line of work is that not all sheet sets come with the size on the tag!! I know!

We can do two things in this space, we use an iron on label directly on the sheet, and then we also keep each category together either in a basket or on it’s own shelf and add a label to clearly show which category it belongs to.

The Pantry

Have you ever added Salt to your morning coffee thinking it was the sugar? Or not sure what's Baking Powder and what is Baking Soda?

If you decant (tip the contents of something into a container or jar) then we highly recommend labelling some if not all of those containers. At the very least the white powdering things like baking powder, baking soda, flours, sugar and salt are top of the list.

And not only do we happily label all containers and then would also label the inside of drawers or if you’re using baskets to contain snacks or backstock then we also label those.

Kids Bedrooms


I’ve found that my kids really enjoy knowing where to put things away in their rooms. Labels on the drawers for their clothes mean that when they are putting their clothes away they can easily see and don’t have to ask where an item lives. It also means that other helpers in the home ( here’s looking at you Grandparents) can put things back in their homes. 


Oh the fun in this space!!! We really go to town in this space. Once everything has it’s category and home we make sure the labels are clear and easy to work with. From labelling containers that hold pens, pencils, paper, activity books, colouring books, we will also label all the different toy categories that are evident like cars, dolls, action figures, blocks, Lego and so on. Here we also really like adding images for little ones so if they aren’t reading yet they can look at the picture to see what items live in that place.



A great space to add some labels to containers especially if you have shelving and things stored up high or in spaces that aren’t that accessible. We often do nice big labels in these spaces like camping, car washing, fishing gear, gardening, snow gear etc etc. Again if you can see easily where something is meant to live it will make putting that item away more attractive and functional.


Labels really can go in so many places, bathrooms, medication containers, light switches, on shelves, on the front of containers, on the inside of drawers or cupboards. By adding a label it takes the guessing game away from your brain. 

At Sort My House we offer 4 x sizes, and 4 x different fonts so if you need any labels you can find them here. 

Happy Organising, Angela and the Sort My House Team 

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