Decluttering Checklist

Decluttering Checklist- Free Printable

By popular demand, we have put together a decluttering checklist for Kiwi's to tackle over a long weekend. Categorised by space, our checklist has over 50 items that can be easily decluttered from your home. Some spaces/categories may take 10 mins and some may take a little longer. Even if you focus on the easy ones from each space, you are still making progress.
We recommend the following to help you get started :
- Put on some upbeat music
- Make sure you have food and water
- Have a rubbish bag and a recycling bag handy
- Have bags/boxes ready for donate/giveaway items
- Start with one space, and treat yourself once it's done. 
Here's the checklist below. Or if you want to print, click the links for the first and second page. 
Decluttering Checklist Page 1
Decluttering Checklist Page 2
Decluttering Checklist
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