10 Top Tips to help working parents stay organised.

10 Top Tips to help working parents stay organised.

Balancing two full-time jobs while managing a household and family life can be challenging, but with some practical tricks and organisation strategies, it becomes more manageable.

In our house we have an 11yr old and an 8yr old, as well as friendly energetic boarder collie who needs some love and attention too. I returned to work before my kids were one, and have found being organised has been the main thing that has allowed me to continue my career whilst also allowing quality time with my loved ones.

This is us many moons ago when we were in the thick of preschool parenting and working. 






Here are 10 top tips that work in our house to help us stay more organised. 

1.) Meal Planning:
We plan our meals for the week ahead on Thursday evenings. We book a click and collect for some time on the Sunday. The menu plan lives on the inside of our pantry where everyone can see it and we don’t get the ‘what’s for dinner’ question 10 times before dinner.
We also schedule some batch cooking time on a Sunday once or twice a month to load the freezer with easy heat and eat dinners, as well as baking.
Food bag services are also a great alternative here.  

2.) Shared calendar:
We use a paper calendar that lives on our fridge, easy for everyone to see. Each family member is allocated a colour, and activities, trips, playdates are all written on the calendar at the start of the month. We’ve also seen options for wipe off acrylic calendars, and with older kids who have devices – digital calendars are a great option.
      3.) Family meetings:
      These are not as hard core as they sound, but once or twice a month, normally over dinner, we all sit together and go through what’s coming up in the next few weeks. We update the calendar, talk through what responsibilities each person needs to have, and ensure everyone is on the same page.
      4.) Task delegation:
      AKA the job list! We divide household chores and responsibilities based on each parent's strengths/ preferences and kids abilities. In our house the kids are responsible for the same things everyday       (dishes, laundry, tidying communal spaces) and we have a list to help keep them/us on track.
      5.) Tidy up as you go:
      If it takes less than 2mins do it now. For example tidy up the kitchen dishes whilst dinner is cooking, kids to tidy toys away every night before bed, put the rubbish bin bag out as soon as it is full.
      6.) Make sure everything has a home:
      Having systems in place where all items have a designated space to be put away saves you time looking for it the next time, and helps remove the decision making of where it needs to go when you or the kids are putting it away.
      7.) Have less stuff:

      Less to clean, less to tidy, less to think about. It really does make a difference when you are busy and when you are trying to stay organised. Capsule wardrobes are a great example of reducing the time it takes to think about what to wear in the mornings. And if your kids have school uniforms, even better.
      8.) Flexible work arrangements:
      If possible, explore flexible work arrangements such as staggered hours, remote work, or compressed workweeks. This can help create a more adaptable schedule for both parents and can be a life saver if a child is sick.
      9.) Childcare Swap with friends:
      Work within your friend circle where you can. Playdates turn about or your friend takes your child from school to gymnastics, and you do the pick up of both and drop your friends child home. One Saturday you do the soccer run, the following Saturday someone else from your team picks up your child. We do sleepovers with our friends where they will take the kids for a night and then we’ll reciprocate when they need it.
      10.) Outsourcing :
      The final top tip, if finances allow, OUTSOURCE. Outsourcing is your friend. We have had all of the following help us in our 11yrs of parenting – food bag services, weekly cleaners, lawn mowing services, dog walking services, doggy daycare, full time nanny, part time nanny, car washing/valet services, laundry services ( super useful after a holiday when you have a quick turnaround time), Professional Organising services ( our team have organised my house more than once).
      And other services like chimney cleaners, pool cleaners, online menu planning websites/clubs are also worth the money if you are strapped for time and a job needs doing. We acknowledge that outsourcing can be a luxury for some, and a life saver for others.

      For us, planning and communication have been key in ensuring as smooth a home life as possible whilst we navigate all that is thrown at us. We also give ourselves grace when things get overwhelming and we remember that we can stop, reset and start again when it's needed. 

      We hope this helps someone today. 

      Happy Organising, Angela and the Sort My House team. 

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